Precision payments brought to healthcare.


Anomaly is streamlining healthcare payments for providers, payers, and patients—reducing healthcare costs and complexity. Over $300B is lost every year to avoidable denials and payment errors, impacting the affordability of healthcare. Anomaly is working with the country’s largest healthcare companies to enable instant, accurate healthcare payments. Our AI-enabled products integrate in the claims flow, analyzing billions of transactions to predict and prevent payment issues before they occur. Smart Response reduces denials and administrative costs by giving providers a real-time response identifying actionable claim errors—so they can avoid denials before the claims even get to the payer. This solution is powered by our claim prediction engine, which predicts with over 99% precision the exact claim line payment and associated denial reason. Instant Pay (coming soon) will further streamline payments by enabling providers to immediately get paid when they submit their claims to the payer. Our fast-growing team brings together top engineering and healthcare talent committed to making healthcare more efficient and affordable. We recently announced $17M in Series A and seed funding from Redesign Health and other top tech and healthcare investors.


Mike Desjadon

CEO, Anomaly

⏎ Davos 2024