Carbon Upcycling Technologies


Carbon Upcycling is a waste and carbon utilization company unlocking a new frontier of circular materials. We�re tackling the biggest problems on the planet�like climate change and industrial waste. Applying our novel technology platform, we enable hard-to-decarbonize industry to transform local industrial byproducts and natural materials into superior additives. Our first massive market is concrete, the source of eight percent of global CO2 emissions and growing. Our novel technology reduces the carbon footprint of cement, sequesters carbon, and improves concrete performance. We do this by opening up a new class of locally available, carbon-sequestering cement replacements. With Carbon Upcycling, cement producers can now create a superior product using local industrial byproducts and natural materials and save the planet at the same time.


Apoorv Sinha

CEO, Carbon Upcycling Technologies

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