Fluffle lets you quickly create and launch an emotive, human-sounding, AI voicebot in minutes.


There is a tectonic shift happening in the world of software today with generative AI. A slew of laborious, error prone tasks are being replaced with more efficient ways to perform those tasks using AI. One such example is focused on auto dealers which is a $250B market and they rely heavily on human staff to handle calls for sales and service. But these phone reps are expensive and overwhelmed with the high volume of tasks, and have high turnover. 30% of inbound service calls go unanswered, 75% are routine and non-technical requests, and $70K of potential monthly revenue is lost due to poor management. Our vision is to have an AI storefront for these customers. We help auto dealers create personalized human-like voice agents tailored to support their business.


Pavan Pant

COO, Fluffle

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