Autonomous AI Sellers that engage buyers through real time video avatars setting brands' revenue on autopilot.


getitAI is pioneering a new era of human-centric commerce, bridging the gap between the convenience of buying online and the personal engagement experienced in-store. Our mission is to replicate this personal touch across all channels, engaging customers as if they were interacting with a human, no matter where they choose to engage. This approach aims to transform commerce by tackling key issues that direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands face online such as high drop-off rates and fragmented multi-channel buying experiences. At the heart of our strategy are our AI Sellers, powered by the latest advancements in Generative AI and autonomous agents. Collaborating with forward-thinking brands, we integrate our AI Sellers into their online stores, enhancing their selling capabilities. We bring brands to life through the creation of distinctive 'Brand Characters' that define our AI Sellers. These personified representations give brands a face and voice, seamlessly guiding customers along their path-to-purchase. This approach allows us to 'strike while the iron is hot', effectively setting brands' revenue on autopilot and addressing the absence of human sales representatives in the online space.


Michael Greenberg


Alain Denzler

Founder & CEO, getitAI

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