TCS Pace Port Amsterdam - 2

Unveiling 'Enose' – Your AI-Powered Sensory Navigator


Experience the future of olfactory intelligence with 'Enose,' our cutting-edge Electronic Nose driven by AI. Join us, as we showcase how Enose transcends traditional boundaries, utilizing artificial intelligence to detect drugs, assess food quality, identify body odor-based diseases, and navigate social scenarios like never before. Derived from our larger umbrella of technology suite called 'Twin Sense'- where twins of humans, plants, animals, and planet create a sustainable ecosystem, Enose contributes to a sensory landscape that that enhances understanding, fosters innovation, and promotes a harmonious coexistence across diverse domains and industries. Step into a world where AI meets scent, transforming the way we perceive and understand our environment. Enose: Shaping the future of sensory exploration and AI integration.


Rinu Michael

AI Tech Ninja, Rapid Innovator, PACE Studio, TCS Europe

Jinu George Cheruvathur

Tech Ninja ,Jugaad Architect Pace Studio, TCS Europe

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