July 6, 2021

6:00 pm


Future Breakthroughs in Health: What's Coming

Healthcare 2.0 and how things are changing. Conversation with healthcare innovators, in the United States, India, and globally.



Show Summary

What could a doctor’s visit look like in ten years? Could you get a vaccine for cancer one day? All of these questions and more are answered this week on Imagination in Action. John and Alison talk to Daniel Kraft, the Founder and Chair of Exponential Medicine and the Chair of XPRIZE’s Pandemic Alliance Task Force, and Shriram Nene, a Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon who founded Pathfinder Health Sciences, about the future of healthcare. We learn about wearable technology, the benefits of sharing the data these devices collect, and what COVID has taught us about the need to incentivize people to be informed about and want to improve their mental and physical health. Our amazing audience also asks our incredible speakers about new innovations in the medical field, like vaccines for now-fatal diseases, and the intersections of technology, medicine, and the arts. With music from all three of our musicians-in-residence, Caroline Goulding, Hayley Reardon, and Cory Pesaturo, this episode will leave you informed and hopeful about upcoming developments in the medical world.