June 8, 2021

6:00 pm


When to eat, sleep & exercise to be at your best



Show Summary

Have you ever felt exhausted even though you’ve slept for hours? Is daylight savings your worst nightmare? Learn why on this episode of Imagination in Action, where John and Alison discuss circadian rhythms with Satchin Panda, Professor of Regulatory Biology Laboratory, and Emily Manoogian, Chronobiologist and Clinical Researcher, both from the Salk Institute. After a live performance from world-record holding accordion player Cory Pesaturo, they teach us not only about how our bodies have adapted to synchronize with the earth’s cycles, but even how we’ve recently started to cheat our circadian rhythms with easy access to food and electricity. They also share top tips on how to listen to our circadian rhythms and implement practical solutions to improve our moods, immune systems, and lifespans.