May 4, 2021

6:00 pm


Wide World of Sports 🏀🏈🏒⚾️🏉🪃🏟

These world-class athletes from football, basketball, ice hockey, softball, rugby, triathlons, decathlons, Olympics & Spartan Races share their stories on and off the field. Who doesn't love sports?



Show Summary

This week on Imagination in Action, we have speakers from a variety of sports: John Moleman Anthony, 2x Boomerang Team World Champion and Former World Record & USA Record holder, Joe De Sena, the CEO of Spartan Races, Jordan Gray, Gold medalist and women’s decathlon national champion, Kena Gilmour, of Hamilton College’s Men's Basketball Team and recipient of the first ever LGBTQ Student-Athlete of the Year Award, Kendall Spencer, Olympic Sports Committee Liaison and former student-athlete at the University of New Mexico’s Track & Field Team, Mike Whitehead, 4x Canadian Paralympian medalist and 5x World Championship medalist in Wheelchair Rugby, Phil Sanderson the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Griffin, a Venture Capitalist firm that specializes in gaming companies, Karen Smyers, Ironman World Champion and Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee, Isaiah Kacyvenski, Former Co-Captain of the Seattle Seahawks, Victoria Hayward, Athlete’s Unlimited Pro Softball Player and player on the Canadian Olympic Softball Team, and Angela Ruggiero, 4x Olympian in Ice Hockey and Co-Founder of the Sports Innovation Lab. They speak about What representation means in sports, the fight for gender equality on the field, especially in terms of the Olympics, the rise of eSports, how they balance being an athlete with their other commitments, and the intersection of politics and sports. They also tell us their most memorable moments in their careers. With music from our star accordion player and athlete in his own right, Cory Pesaturo, you’re going to want to tune in for another home-run episode of Imagination in Action