April 27, 2021

6:00 pm


Brain, Mind 🧠 and Computers 🖥

​Understanding the brain is a major scientific challenge of today. We'll share insights behind how this biological computation system works and how it relates to the tech behind electronic computers.



Show Summary

Have you ever had brain fog, where you just couldn’t do something no matter how hard you focused on it? Have you been hearing about downloadable consciousness and brain-mapping? Learn more and clear up your misconceptions on this week of Imagination in Action. Ed Boyden, Professor of Neurotechnology at MIT and the Co-Director of the MIT Center for Neurobiological Engineering, and Deblina Sarkar, Assistant Professor, at MIT and the Founder & Director of the Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek Research Lab speak to us about how our brains work on both the macro and micro levels, especially surrounding consciousness, new tools in neurology, and how Artificial Intelligence could come to interact with our brains. We also discuss how music interacts with our brains as we listen to musical interludes with our musicians-in-residence: Max Holm, on the piano, Hayley Reardon, singing an original song and playing the guitar, and Cory Pesaturo, on the accordion. Tune in this week for another enlightening episode of Imagination in Action.