May 18, 2021

6:00 pm


CVS CMO (Fortune 5) & CEO Thasio - fastest to $1B

Everything you need to know about running a Fortune 5 company & building a billion dollar company from scratch: Hear from the CMO of the largest pharm chain and the next MIT success story - CEO & COO



Show Summary

What does the future of commerce look like? What are the traits of successful entrepreneurs? In this episode of Imagination in Action, John and Alison speak with Norman de Greve, the Chief Marketing Officer at CVS, Sandra Campos, the CEO of Project Verte, the COO of Thrasio, and Carlos Cashman, the CEO of Thrasio, who talk about how the growing popularity of Amazon and online shopping, only exacerbated by the pandemic, will change shopping as we know it in the next ten years. They also share their unique insights into what makes an e-commerce company successful, how to increase convenience for customers to increase customer satisfaction, and how to build a more technologically capable world. Listen for an informative discussion on the newest, most rapidly growing frontier in commerce.