June 29, 2021

6:00 pm


Eye Perspective: A Model For Universal Eye Care

The CEO and Director of India’s LVPEI discuss how their institute ensures quality eye care in India, and eventually beyond, using their unique, innovative business model.



Show Summary

Since we’re young, we’re told to “shoot for the moon.” This week on Imagination in Action, we learn how “moonshot” companies are living up to that name by changing their mindsets and approaches to common problems to increase their chances of success. John and Alison host entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and the Founder of XPRIZE, Peter Diamandis, Justyna Zander, Global Head of Verification and Validation for Autonomous Driving at NVIDIA, and Zenia Tata, the Chief Impact Officer of XPRIZE to talk to us about these mega moonshots and how adopting a 10x or abundance mindset can change your worldview. We also learn about the difference between upshots, slingshots, and moonshot companies, how tech companies are balancing the pros and cons of implementing their inventions, and how the development of AI, made more rapid by the pandemic, and the advent of self-driving cars will change our lives and how we use our natural resources for the better. This week we also have music from Cory Pesaturo, who plays us Greek and Polish accordion music to celebrate our guests’ heritage and provide fun to this already exciting and hope-providing episode.