Adi Gottumukkaa

CEO, Moxair; Business Development, MIT Strategic Alliances & Technology Transfer

Aditya (‘Adi’) Gottumukkala, is the CEO & co-founder of Moxair, an MIT-spin off developing scalable methane emissions reduction technologies to address some of the hardest -to-abate sources, such as coal, dairy and oil&gas. Moxair’s unique catalyst and reactor design can be tuned to variety of applications where methane is emitted in low concentrations.

Over the last decade, Adi has held various business development, Intellectual property strategy & research positions in industry and academia. Educated in India, France, the Netherlands, and the United States, Adi holds a PhD, M.S and B.Sc in Chemistry, a certificate in intellectual property law, and over 30 peer-reviewed publications & patents.   Adi speaks 5 languages, is an avid reader and enjoys swimming.

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