Apurv Jain

Founder & CEO, MacroXStudio

Apurv is the founder and CEO of macroXStudio - an SF based startup that uses AI and alternative data to paint a real-time picture of the world economy and society. MacroX's technology offers a quantum leap vs. the government economic data that is 1-3 months slower, and official societal metrics that are 1-3 years lagged. The multimodal AI engine synthesizes 300+ signals from many TYPES of data such as satellite, traffic, search, X(twitter), news, credit card, and accounting to generate crucial metrics at an unprecedented global scale with incredible city-level granularity.

Apurv's background is an unusual combination of trading, data science, and research. Prior to MacroX, he founded and led AI based investing efforts at Microsoft. Apurv has traded FX exotics at Deutsche Bank, done research at Bridgewater Associates, and actively managed a $3B single name credit portfolio for MSFT Capital Markets. As a senior scientist at Microsoft Research and researcher at Harvard Business School he has published papers in top academic journals. He is an advisor to the Finance Data Professional (FDP) Institute and has written for CNBC India. He loves spending time with his family, and is passionate about martial arts.

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