Dave Blundin

Founder and Chairman/CEO of 5 companies

Dave Blundin is a serial entrepreneur and Managing Partner at Link Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology startups harnessing data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and frontier technologies to supercharge enterprise, consumer internet, and security markets. To date, Dave has co-founded 23 companies, at least five of which have achieved $100 million+ valuations, and has served on 21 private and public boards.

Dave spends most of his time between Link and Cogo Labs, a big-data venture studio located next to MIT in Cambridge, MA where he sits as Chairman. Dave is extremely passionate about mentoring and coaching young entrepreneurs & management teams to accelerate the impact of technology on society. Dave is currently an instructor at MIT and will once again be teaching a class in Spring 2024 named “AI for Impact: Venture Studio”, which is vastly oversubscribed and has over 90 students.

Cogo Labs’ mission is to provide anything that helps a startup grow quickly, including several multi-petabyte data assets that help entrepreneurs discover and quickly vet new business ideas. The Cogo incubation process has led Dave to become chairman of 12 companies, including EverQuote (NASDAQ: EVER), an online insurance marketplace. Dave is also the Chairman and founding CEO of Vestmark, which manages over $1TN in US assets, and General Partner at Vestigo Ventures, a fintech-focused fund.

Dave also sits on the Board of Directors of XPRIZE, a non-profit organization that designs and hosts public competitions intended to encourage technological development to benefit humanity. With plenty on his plate, he finds balance with a passion for golf, tennis, sailing, skiing, and hockey with his family and extended family of lifelong friends. Dave received his BS in Computer Science from MIT where he researched neural network technology at the AI lab.

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