Geoff Chapin

CEO & Cofounder, Carbonwave

Geoff Chapin is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Carbonwave, the world's leading developer of ultra-regenerative, plant-based, advanced biomaterials from seaweed. The company transforms sargassum seaweed, the largest seaweed bloom on the planet—a resource long considered waste, that does not need land or other inputs to grow —into biomaterials that can replace petroleum products and other harmful industrial inputs.  

Carbonwave developed SeaBalance, the world’s first seaweed based cosmetic emulsifier that has won multiple awards, as well as Sarga Power, the first scalable and cost-effective seaweed extract for large scale crops like barley, soy, corn, wheat and others.  Carbonwave is soon launching Obalt, the first in the world leather alternative from sargassum, as well as bioplastics and biofuels from sargassum.

By processing the seaweed instead of letting it rot, Carbonwave creates Gold Standard Carbon Credits

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