Jacek Siadkowski

CEO & Cofounder, Tech to the Rescue

Jacek Siadkowski is the CEO and co-founder of the Tech To The Rescue foundation. He advocates for the #techforgood movement and focuses on building a global community of changemakers from the tech and social-impact sectors. Under his leadership, Tech To The Rescue has gained impact by providing IT support to nonprofits trying to solve the world's most pressing challenges, including aiding Ukrainian citizens, providing relief in the Middle East, and fighting air pollution in Southeast Asia. The value of pro-bono IT services secured by TTTR reached an equivalent of $4.2 million only in 2023.

Jacek is interested in social entrepreneurship, business models for social change, and new technologies to create a positive impact. He is committed to engaging in and supporting activities that create new opportunities and enhance quality in these areas. He is also a frequent speaker and mentor, actively sharing and inspiring other leaders and entrepreneurs to join the #techforgood movement.

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