John Werner

Senior Fellow, MIT; CEO, Imagination in Action; MD Link Ventures

John Werner is a dynamic MIT Senior Fellow and accomplished entrepreneur. He's a 5x-founder and an influential columnist in AI for Forbes. Currently, John is the Managing Director and VC specializing in AI at Link Ventures. He's a key figure in the MIT AI Venture Studio course, fostering the next wave of innovators.

With prior roles at Meta and leadership in MIT's Camera Culture Group and Emerging Worlds SIG, John has shaped collaborative innovation worldwide - launching innovation centers in Mumbai, Nashik, and Hyderabad, paving the way for groundbreaking developments.

John is also the Founder & CEO of Ideas in Action, driving initiatives like TEDxMIT, TEDxBoston and Imagination in Action. These events, held at venues like the World Economic Forum, MIT, Boston, Silicon Valley, and NYC, are renowned for their inspiration.

Beyond tech, John co-founded Citizen Schools and advises Liquid.AI, GAI Insights, Everquote, Brelyon, PhotoButler, and Vestigo Ventures. His leadership has earned recognition from Harvard Business Review and BostonInno, and he holds a TOYL (Ten Outstanding Young Leaders) Award from the Boston Chamber.

Outside work, John is a passionate photographer and a four-time national triathlon qualifier. He resides with his family in Brookline, MA, leaving an indelible mark on the tech and innovation landscape.

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