Maneet Ahuja

Editor-at-Large, Forbes; Founder of Iconoclast

Editor-at-Large & Founder of Iconoclast, Forbes' global investment summit featuring many of the world's greatest changemakers, billionaires and beyond. A former Forbes “Under 30” lister myself, I am author of The Alpha Masters and host of Spotify’s “Megatrends” podcast. Before joining Forbes, I was a Knight-Bagehot fellow at Columbia Journalism School and had over a decade-long tenure at CNBC, most recently as Senior Editor and co-founder of Delivering Alpha, the network’s flagship annual Wall Street summit.

Formerly, as CNBC’s hedge fund specialist, I broke news on various activist campaigns like Herbalife and covered investigations such as Lehman Brothers’ insolvency during the financial crisis.I got my start in journalism as a part of The Wall Street Journal’s Money & Investing team and began my career at Citigroup at the age of seventeen—which is where I earned the nickname “Wall Street Maneet”.

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