Mark Vins

Founder & CEO, Brave Wilderness

Mark Vins is an Emmy Award winning wildlife and adventure filmmaker, and the CEO and co-founder of Brave Wilderness. The Brave Wilderness YouTube channel launched in 2014 focused on wildlife education and immersive outdoor adventures. As the largest digital wildlife content company, Brave Wilderness has become a global sensation growing to nearly 20 million subscribers with over 4 billion views.

Along with the company's commercial success, Mark's passion for conservation inspires him to use the platform to make an environmental impact. Connecting his global audience of nature enthusiasts to conservation and sustainability efforts, Mark has supported organizations like, World Wildlife Fund, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, The Nature Conservancy,, and many others to help inspire Brave Wilderness viewers to take action and make a difference.

As one of the leading ambassadors for, Mark is now hosting and producing the docuseries, Brave Mission, to support sustainability with Re:Wild's co-founding board member, Leonardo DiCaprio. In Mark's words, "Now more than ever, shining light on some of the most amazing at-risk species and environments on earth is paramount to our planet's future. Conservation needs to mean "action", and my hope is that our videos accelerate community involvement and prove how we can all make an impact together."

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