Max Song

Founder, Carbonbase

Venture builder, Entrepreneur, Investor and Researcher in Digital Sustainable Finance.

I love problem solving, and the thrill of thinking on my feet. Currently, I am a Venture Partner at a HK based family office, where I conduct research into cutting edge fields and technology, interact with companies, and look for ways to build dynamic and valuable relationships. I've been focusing my attention on defining sustainability post-Covid19, and the impending climate change crisis, as well as ways to build products and services to address climate change.

I was selected as part of the first batch of Schwarzman Scholars, where I completed a masters at Tsinghua University, and wrote my thesis on US-China cross border investment opportunities for renewable energy.

In my college years, I conducted research in genetic engineering at NASA Ames, for the iGEM competition, where we won Best New Application at the World Championships. I started Brown's first startup accelerator, and incubated 12 teams to maturation. I worked as a Teaching Fellow at Singularity University, co-founded by inventor Dr. Ray Kurzweil and entrepreneur Dr. Peter Diamandis.

I have a passion for public speaking and interacting with interesting people. I had the chance to open the iGEM World Championships in front of 1,000 people. I have attended and held workshops at Thiel Fellowship’s 20 Under 20 Summits, and was invited to Moscow as part of the 100 Young Innovators at the Open Innovation conference. I gave a TEDx talk at Brown about a globally distributed organisation we started called OneSalon - that provides intellectual, emotional and experiential stimulation on a weekly basis and grew to 13 cities around the world.

I worked for ~2 years as a professional Data Scientist -first at DARPA-funded machine learning company Ayasdi in Silicon Valley, then as a visiting DS at Snips in Paris, and then as rotated through several of Formation 8 VC's portfolio companies (Radius).

I co-founded Neurocurious - an AI-based preclinical CRO that provided behaviorial testing for rodents based on research at Brown.

I started an education endeavour in Shenzhen, exposing precocious high school students to the front lines of VR, AI, and entrepreneurship (

I founded a blockchain engineering consulting company, we provided training fo the C-suite of Fortune 500 clients, and helped Veolia build an industrial blockchain usecase.

I am currently CEO of - we are leveraging tech for companies and individuals prepare for the climate transition.

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