Nathan Eagle

CTO Aerie Ventures; Founder

Nathan Eagle is a results-driven executive with over 10 years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams in engineering, product, and consultative sales. He has a proven track record of raising capital, hiring and developing world-class talent, and selling customized technical solutions to many of the world's largest companies.

As the CEO of Jana, Eagle raised $100 million to scale the company into the largest provider of free internet in emerging markets. With operations in over 100 countries, Jana’s platform could instantly deliver 80 currencies directly onto the phones of more than 4 billion people. Eagle worked directly with major global brands, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Twitter, Google, Unilever, Amazon, Procter and Gamble, General Mills, and Colgate, helping them reach their next billion consumers via integration into Jana’s platform.

Previously, as a professor at both MIT and the Harvard School of Public Health, Eagle developed machine learning-based methods trained on massive global datasets to model the spread of infectious disease. This led him to start Covid Capital in February 2020, with the operating thesis that COVID-19 would impact the US financial markets.

Eagle holds three engineering degrees from Stanford University and received his PhD in artificial intelligence from the MIT Media Laboratory. A lifelong meditator, Eagle was ordained as a monk at the Wat Ram Poeng temple in northern Thailand. He currently dedicates his time to his passion for developing applications that utilize large language models to address real-world challenges for social good.

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