Robert Jacobi

Founding Partner, The Nunatak Group

Robert Jacobi is an accomplished entrepreneur, known for co-founding The Nunatak Group, a successful digital strategy consultancy. He leads a team of over 50 consultants, focusing on the areas of business building, innovation management, organizational transformation, data strategy, digital marketing, and sustainability. Before this, he excelled as a journalist, covering international finance and economics for esteemed outlets like Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Robert's educational background includes an MPA in Economics from Harvard University and a Diplom-Journalist degree in sociology from LMU, Munich. In addition to his executive role at Nunatak, Robert is an active startup investor and has co-founded several companies, reflecting his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation. Furthermore, he is an author and keynote speaker. His career journey showcases his dedication to innovation, entrepreneurship, and embracing digital transformation.

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