Exploring the Internet’s new frontier

An exclusive, breakthrough event featuring the most innovative minds building the next generation of the Internet. The event will take place on 30th June 2022 on the top floor of the MIT Media Lab. Imagination in Action is based on the principal that innovation starts with a spark of inspiration. This Web3 Summit combines the best of cutting-edge ideation with real-world implementation. The Web3 Summit will feature leading engineers & entrepreneurs making a global impact & designing the future of the internet. Topics include: NFTs, Decentralized Finance, DAOs, Metaverse, protocols and more.
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Society in Transition

Keynote perspectives on transition of Web2 world to Web3, reflecting on changes that occurred at the turn of the century and what societal effect Web3 can have
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Perspective on Web3 - Present without leave: Web3 models of governance

Considerations to make captivating ideas for Web3 practical to implement - exploring Web3 constructs: NFTs and DAOs
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Pioneering: The frontier of disruption

What insights can we learn from stories of Web 2.0, epitomized by the emergence of Facebook and the inception of Web 3.0 which coined the first crypto billionaires?
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All the Imaginators, including some who are At Large

Here are the imaginators at the summit.