Upcycling invasive sargassum seaweed into valuable products like a cosmetic emulsifier, a crop yield enhancer, a bio-leather, and bioplastics.


Sargassum seaweed is a yearly inundation of the Caribbean of 30-40 million tons that packs into bays, destroys coral reefs, the ecosystem, kills fish, and rots, emitting methane and hydrogen sulfide gas. We are the first in the world to develop high value products from this difficult to use seaweed using filed IP to create the award winning first in the world seaweed based emulsifier called Sea Balance and a highly effective crop yield enhancer called Sarga Power, which increases barley and other crops by 12% as determined by Heineken. Biosplastics and leather alternatives are next, including 3-d printed objects from the dried pulp.


Geoff Chapin

CEO & Cofounder, Carbonwave

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